My blog

I didn’t have much luck the last time I tried a blog (mainly because it would never do what I wanted it to do), but I have it on very good authority that this is much more friendly, so I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.


7 Responses to My blog

  1. Andrew Chell says:

    OK, maybe it takes a bit of getting used to, but with a bit of luck I’ll be halfway competent the next time I post something!

  2. Andrew Chell says:

    Today we’re having new carpets fitted at home. It’ll be absolute chaos. I’m glad I’m at the office and well out of the way.

  3. Andrew Chell says:

    Today I’m running a class to help other people set up their own blogs. It’s a good job that I’m now past the “halfway competent” stage!

  4. Andrew Chell says:

    At Live & Learn Land again, for another computer course. Let’s see how this one goes.

  5. Andrew Chell says:

    Just taught Janet Henson how to create her own blog. She’s new on WordPress, so be kind and please visit her at

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