An article (please like/follow/connect with etc)

I have 58 friends on Facebook, 87 followers on Twitter and 20 people have me in their circles on Google+. So what, I hear you ask. That’s exactly my point; does it really matter that much?

Visit any of the social networks these days (especially Twitter) and you’ll find hundreds of messages from people practically begging for more contacts. “We’re now on Facebook – please follow us”, “Only 2 more for our 1,000th follower: please RT” and so on.

Whilst I can understand this behaviour for businesses (in terms of marketing), it does seem to be excessively needy for ordinary people. Are people so fragile these days that they have to measure their self-worth in terms of the number of people they’re connected to (most of whom they don’t know in real life) on social networking sites? Most bizarre of all I find are those on Twitter who will follow you, and will then unfollow you if you don’t follow them back within 24 hours! Insecure doesn’t begin to describe it.

For myself, I will carry on being friends with, following and connecting with either those that I know in real life or those that I have a specific reason (over an above numbers) for connecting with.

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About Andrew Chell

Administrator for the WEA in Burslem. Fair Trade promoter. Occasional quiz champion.
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