Ho ho ho, ha ha ha!

I’ve just spent a very interesting and useful weekend in Hereford, training to become a Laughter Yoga leader. Laughter Yoga is based on the theory that laughter is good for you (in that it stimulates the production of useful endorphins and blocks the production of stress-inducing cortisol) and that the body can’t distinguish between natural laughter and fake laughter, so just laughing can give you all the benefits. Also, fake laughter can make you start laughing naturally anyway!

The Staffordshire Laughter Yoga Network have a blog at staffslaughteryoga.wordpress.com. It’s worth going along to see what’s happening, and it may just bring a smile to your face!


About Andrew Chell

Administrator for the WEA in Burslem. Fair Trade promoter. Occasional quiz champion.
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