Valentine’s Day (cynicism alert)

Valentine’s Day. Probably my least favourite day of the entire year. Whoever came up with the idea of converting a saint’s day into a celebration of love and romance (I think it was something to do with a Roman festival that happened around this time of year) wants roasting over an open fire, while Cupid should have his bow and arrow taken off him, and given a snooker cue or something else less dangerous to play with.

I’ve got three main gripes about this benighted day, which are these:

  • Most of it is more to do with consumerism than love & romance anyway. Chocolate manufacturers, jewellers, florists, greetings cards companies etc. all suffer a drop in profits after Christmas, and this is the perfect, artificial way to bump their profits back up. I once had an appointment in an office that had a wall calendar from a greetings card company. It highlighted Valentine’s Day like you wouldn’t believe.
  • It imposes an obligation on all couples to act lovingly and romantically to each other all day. Maybe that’s fine if the couple would be loving and romantic anyway, but it’s rather hypocritical if they were fighting like cat and dog on February 13th and will be again on February 15th.
  • Speaking as a single person, there’s something rather sickening about celebrating a day where the rest of society rams your being single down your throat. In a society where everything is geared towards couples, singles are treated pretty much as social outcasts anyway. We don’t need a day where this is further highlighted for all to see.

You might very well say that all this is sour grapes, given that it’s been written by a single. I accept that there is probably some truth in that, but in turn you can’t argue that there isn’t some truth in what I’ve written.

Ah well. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, if you must, and to the rest: I understand how you feel.


About Andrew Chell

Administrator for the WEA in Burslem. Fair Trade promoter. Occasional quiz champion.
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